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Medical Billing Services In California

Are you aware of the fact that Insurance companies are deliberately clutching onto your money and setting up different blocks to keep it with themselves. We ensure that you collect all your billable claims on time. In order to stay in front of patient billing and insurance company growths, it’s difficult to have an efficient billing department in place.

We help our customers with the monotonous undertakings of charging and follow-up capacities, accordingly permitting them to focus more on medication and their patients health while we create the income.

At Proinp, we offer the best medical services in California that include expert billing, electronic medical records, claims accuracy, denial appeals, HIPAA compliance, and insurance contract negotiations.

Medical Billing Services California

Medical billing services in California - Proinp.comWhy Should You Opt For Our Billing Services in California?

Our Medical Biller has over 10 years of experience in providing our clients with end to end Medical billing services in California.

At Proinp,

  • We bill for you rapidly as the services are provided ensuring that the billing is accurate by communicating with you on an ongoing basis.
  • We also ensure that your checks are received on a weekly basis, alongwith assisting you in setting up direct deposit with DHCS.
  • We strive hard to keep your financial worries at the bay, collect your pending dues in time and help you in setting up direct deposit with DHCS.

In case,  you have a previous existing issue, we will assist you in the appeal process and ensure the monies are paid.

Our Medical Biller handles:

medical billing services caEligibility Verification

medical billing services caElectronic Remittance & Payment Posting

medical billing services caClaim Submission

medical billing services caCustomized Reporting

medical billing services caDenial Management

medical billing services caAccounts Payable Services

medical billing services caAccounts Receivable Follow-Ups

medical billing services caA/R Analytics & Business Intelligence

Apart from Medical Billing Services California we also provide outstanding consultation services to Independent Nurse Provider through Medi-Cal. This entire process may be lengthy, time consuming and monotonous but once you understand, you can surely do wonders.

Once the provider enrollment is complete, Proinp offers the consultation services on Various Plan of Treatments, Nursing notes, Medication Administration Records and lot more that can help you.

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billing services in california caInterested To Know More About Medical Billing

california medical billing and coding

Medical Billing is the process of submitting and following up on claims with the health insurance companies in order to receive payment for services rendered by a healthcare provider. The same process is used for most insurance companies, whether they are government sponsored programs or private companies.

How To Select Ideal Billing Services in California?

To reap the benefits of these services, a provider needs to select that particular medical billing service that usually have at least the below discussed functions:

  • Patient Support and Invoicing
  • Carrier followups
  • Claim submission and generation
  • Payment processing and posting
  • Collection agency transfer services
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Medical coding and transcription
  • Insurance eligibility verification

medical billing services in california ca Is Medical Billing for Medicaid and Medicare same?

No, the billing for Medicare and Medicaid is not same. The billing for Medicaid is bit complicated than Medicare because the Medicaid programs may vary from state to state. Some citizens that are eligible for care in one state may not be eligible for the same in some other state or may receive less/more benefits as per the state. We can also say that the billing codes, reimbursement rates, claim submission protocols and other billing services may also vary as per state.

medical billing services in california ca What does a medical biller need to know?

A medical biller must be aware of all the below mentioned tasks that includes:

medical billing services caBilling compliance guidance

medical billing services caManaging risk for ADRs’, ZPIC and RAC audits

medical billing services caProtecting reimbursements

medical billing services caManagement of Accounts Receivable

medical billing services caWorking RTP claims and corrections

medical billing services caMedicare Advantage billing and strategies

medical billing services caDocumentation and billing for maintenance services

medical billing services caPart B billing opportunities

medical billing services caRegulatory updates


What Is DHCS?

The California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) is a department within the California Health and Human Services Agency that administers and finances a number of individual health care service delivery programs, including Medi-Cal, which provides health care services to low-income people.

It was formerly known as the California Department of Health Services, which was reorganized into the DHCS and the California Department of Public Health.

California Medical Billing : Areas We Serve

Proinp provides billing services in almost all counties in California including